CC makes savings by offshoring paralegals to India

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  • The end is nigh.

    Sounds like the end of London fee-earners to me. Soon, there'll be no point to having anyone in London but a couple of partners swanning around, inserting instructions into a computer and sending them around the world to get done. Brave new world.

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  • One more door closes

    Paralegalling was about the last way for many people who had their legal qualifications to break into a very closed profession. I've paid as low as £7.00 an hour (and charged out at £80) so not sure what the "margin" problem is for outfits like CC.

    Another sign of the meanness and greadiness of these giant client-screwing machines.

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  • Graduate Trainees?

    How could this not affect trainees?

    The start of the article even talks about them being affected.

    If low level work is outsourced what is left for the trainee to do? As it is there is little substantive work for them.

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  • good move

    Seems like a reasonable move. After all, every other industry is doing it / has done it. If low-end UK jobs aren't competitive enough, that's surely the UK's problem, not India's.

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  • shopping

    To me that sounds like a sweatshop they're running in India - hold on, what - you mean to say they're running a sweatshop in Canary Wharf too?

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  • Protect the equity

    Al Dous - exactly. The professions is on an inexorable drive to concentrate the equity in as few hands as possible, to maximise the profits for those precious few.

    It's creeping, but it's getting there. The profession will end up eating itself. RIP

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    Oh DEAR GOD. Tell me it' ain't so...

    Not content with charging me £600 an hour for partner time, and taking home over a million pounds a year each the CC partnership now sees fit to outsource work to India to improve their paltry PEPs even further.

    Are they going to have these unfortunate Indian people sewing footballs with their feet, to further bolster profitability, one wonders?

    An avaricious act fuelled by nothing but greed. I shall find a firm that treats its staff with a little more respect, and a bit less like a lemon to be squeezed until the pips squeak.

    As I said, if this is true, it's revolting.

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  • Stop whining

    No-one is forced to use expensive law firms, so those that choose to shouldn't complain.

    As this very website makes clear on a daily basis, there are hundreds of other law firms that want your business, many of which are prepared to offer a lower charge-out rate to get it. My advice is to use one next time.

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  • Re : Stop Whining

    Don't worry, CC is off the list, sunshine.

    Don't you see the how this looks? Multi-millionaire partners sacking UK workers to make a few quid more on their PEPs.... What's the matter, yachts getting a bit more expensive this year are they? So much for "ethical behaviour......."

    Perhaps they'll be requiring these poor Indian fellows to

    spend their two week's holiday a year working in the kitchens of the senior partners? You know, for a break..... This is a nonsense and will come back to haunt the firm in time. You wait and see. Ethics are for life, not just for Christmas.

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  • Law firms are businesses

    Working long hours for the wage they get might seem a bad deal to us in the West, but to the people in India who get these jobs it's compartaively well-paid and a far better deal than back-breaking farm labour or working in a factory.

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