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  • Transition Planning

    Moving a practice, particularly to another country, is a challenging undertaking. Given that client loyalties generally accrue to the relationship partner rather than the firm, I'd be surprised if your key clients resisted following you to your new destination. But have you thought out this transition beyond rainmaking? For instance, how will you manage fears and expectations and those of friends and family? Have you taken stock of your successes and failures? You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been, as the saying goes.

    Understanding what it is that brings about a successful result for you will give you the confidence to try new waters and alleviate anxiety. Conversely, finding your weak spots will show you what needs work to avoid making the same mistakes in a different milieu. Do you need help identifying your strengths and weaknesses? Try eliciting feedback from those who know you well.

    Second, evaluate your skills. List them according to categories such as organizational, problem-solving, managerial, and oral and written communications. Note the environments in which these skills are deployed—at home, at work, in your community, etc. Many, if not most, skills are transferable. Third, build a transition plan. Putting thoughts into words and words into actions will help you manage your anxiety. How much do you know about your target destination? Firm culture? Where can you go to learn more? Are there business or behavioral competencies you need to acquire to make it work? Think about your future and imagine what you want it to look like. How will that future look in five and ten years? With a little introspection, you can transition successfully.

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