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  • Changes in everything that we do is always welcome as long it will bring about efficiency and prosperity. There are times, where changes would affect people in such a way that they would have been better of the way they were in the beginning. Therefore change does not always have the desired effect that was intended in the first place. Persons in authority must be careful when introducing change because in can have a residual effect that no wants to happen. In would be best to introduce changes incrementially and let all components be absorbed timely so people can get a better undrstanding of what is going on. It will alson be best to let people know in advance what is about to take place so they prepare themselves for the inevitable.
    I do not think that the changes to the bvc has been communicated to the universities effectively so as to make potentials students aware of what is expected of them. It will certainly be unfair for students who are in there second year and going to their final year in law school and to be faced with these changes for 2010/2011 with out getting the oppotunity to be formally notified by anyone.
    What concerns me, is that a student who may have gotten a first is will not necessarly perform better than a student who may have gotten a 2:2 at the bptc. I do ask that these concerns be taken nto consideration and perhaps maybe a better campagin about these changes will do a great deal because it will motivate students to achieve their potentials beyound the normal.

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