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  • What constitutes ‘making’? It's not clear cut weblink

    Briefings | 23 December 2013

    The act of making is not well defined. This article provides some examples where the court has considered acts that fall close to the line.

  • Emissions Trading Scheme goes to the vote again weblink

    Briefings | 23 December 2013

    The application of ETS to commercial aviation activities has been beset with controversy from the outset and had threatened to bring about all-out international trade war.

  • Europe’s Unified Patent Court motors on weblink

    Briefings | 23 December 2013

    It is now a year since agreement was reached to finalise the unitary patent and pan-European patents court — the Unified Patent Court or UPC.

  • CC investigation: private motor insurance and MFNs weblink

    Briefings | 19 December 2013

    E-commerce businesses should take a look at the discussion of MFN clauses in the Competition Commission’s Provisional Findings Report in its private motor insurance investigation.

  • Up Close and Personnel — December 2013 weblink

    Briefings | 13 December 2013

    Bristows has published its Up Close and Personnel newsletter for December 2013.

  • The dilemma of delayed completion weblink

    Briefings | 10 December 2013

    If a buyer fails to complete on the completion date, this will amount to a breach of contract.