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With April showers comes a single Family Court

By Stefano Nuvoloni

The 22 April 2014 saw the coming into being of the Family Court. While many will have assumed that common sense would have long ago provided for such a court, it has taken the Crime and Courts Act 2013 to do away with the complicated multi-tier system of courts that until now dealt with all family matters.

The single Family Court is intended to create a much simpler system, the aim being that judges of all levels of seniority will be able to sit in the same building and cases can be allocated to the most appropriate judge on the point of issue.

This more user-friendly approach is not just aimed at practitioners. The new court framework will be easier for individuals acting on their own behalf. When issuing an application, an individual will simply submit their application to the Family Court in their area and it will be allocated to the right level of judge in the most suitable location. This means you no longer have to work out whether to make your application to the county court or magistrates court; you make your application to the Family Court…

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