Whistleblowing in the press: what your business can learn from recent developments

Currently, not a day seems to go by without reports of whistleblowing in the press. Whether the alleged ‘culprit’ is the NHS, a law firm, a sovereign state or a financial institution, prudent employers need to take note of recent judicial and legislative developments in this area. And this is not the end: more developments are in the pipeline. A number of proposals on whistleblowing are gaining momentum, including the possibility of incentivising workers to blow the whistle with financial benefits and further expansion of the categories of protected individuals. The government is expected to publish the outcome of its recent consultation shortly.

What do recent developments mean for businesses and employers?

The Supreme Court confirmed last month that members of a limited liability partnership (LLP), such as equity partners, will be ‘workers’ and are therefore entitled to protection under the whistleblowing provisions and other employment protection legislation (such as part-time worker, pension auto-enrolment and working time rights, as well as from protections against unlawful deductions). This means that LLPs whose members are workers must not subject to a detriment partners who make protected disclosure…

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