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Western sanctions expand as tension in Ukraine continues

By Christopher R Wall, Stephan E Becker, Nancy A Fischer, Aaron R Hutman and Stephanie J Rohrer

The US, Canada and the European Union (EU) have designated a number of additional officials and companies as the unrest continues in eastern Ukraine. The US also imposed sanctions on the head of Russian energy giant Rosneft and announced new export controls on shipments to Russia. Although sector-wide sanctions or broader measures against the Russian banking or energy industries have not yet been imposed, such measures remain under active consideration and further destabilisation or Russian military action could trigger additional steps in the near future.

The US (28 April 2014), Canada (28 April, 4 May and 12 May 2014) and the EU (29 April and 12 May 2014) have imposed additional sanctions designations, continuing to target selected individuals and entities. As yet, no country has implemented broader embargoes against Russia or its industry sectors. Normal business, banking and travel continue to be permitted, except for transactions involving the designated individuals and entities.

The US, Canada and the EU have made the following new designations…

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