Wealth Structuring 20:20 2014

Welcome to this inaugural edition of Appleby’s new Wealth Structuring 20:20 report, a feature publication that aims to tap into the issues facing high-net-worth individuals around the globe and investigate the themes and challenges affecting this elite group.

This edition looks at wealth management and structuring on an international scale, considering the impact of the Cyprus crash on Russia’s wealthy; the unique challenges facing high-net-worth individuals on the west coast of the US; and the different cultural issues that arise when embarking on cross-border wealth structuring.

We are also well aware of the significant changes within regulatory environments around the world and the impact of wealth regulations specifically, coupled with the complex geopolitical environments that push many high-net-worths towards structures focused on diversifying risk. And finally, Appleby has looked at the smart investment in alternative assets, whether they be fine art or private jets…

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