Visualised communications analysis

At the start of any investigation, the details of the story are always elusive. Combining machine learning, concept analysis and a rich visual environment, Hypergraph allows users to explore and comprehend their data. Hypergraph intuitively displays the inter-relationships among custodians and all those with whom they communicate, cross-referenced with an adjustable timeline and powerful search. Now it’s easy to connect the dots right at the outset, no matter the size of the data set.

Have you collected from all the custodians you need? Which should be interviewed first? Do any connections pose an unexpected risk? Are there temporal gaps in email, suggestive of collection errors or intentional deception? Axcelerate OnDemand with Hypergraph helps you quickly locate the most important communications, identify spoliation risks, get started on privilege analysis and nail down a range of variables that affect your litigation strategy — whether applied to your own ESI or received productions…

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