Video: mines and minerals — the key land law issues for residential developers

In this video, Serdar Mehmet, a residential development laywer at IBB Solicitors, discusses key land law issues for residential developers.

Q. What are mines and minerals and how could they affect a development site?
A. Any residential developer will realise the importance of obtaining good and marketable title to a development site so that they are ultimately able to pass that title on to home buyers and — in particular — their lenders. There could, however, be issues in proving good and marketable title to land if a third party can claim ownership of the subsurface or subsoil of a development site — sometimes referred to as ‘mines and minerals’.

Q. Doesn’t a developer or landowner automatically own the land beneath the surface of his land?
A. Although a landowner may generally assume that he owns the surface of his land as well as the ground beneath it and the air space above it, there are exceptions to this…

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