Twenty-year fight for compensation concludes

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust has settled a 20-year pay-out fight and agreed to pay a seven-figure settlement compensating Nathalie Sugden, who was left severely brain damaged following a heart operation shortly after her birth in 1994. A trial was scheduled to take place last week into the case but days before its start date the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust admitted fault after nearly two decades of denying any negligence.

Nathalie, now aged 19, was born in July 1994 with a congenital heart defect. She underwent surgery a month later to repair a narrowing of her aorta, a condition that restricts blood flow to the body. During the operation, Nathalie suffered a cardiac arrest. The surgeon decided against performing a cardiac massage to restart her heart, leaving Nathalie without blood flow to her brain for nearly 15 minutes. This has left her with a number of major health problems, including epilepsy, partial paralysis, limited mobility, learning and hearing difficulties and a severely reduced IQ and cognitive functions…

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