Transforming for growth: consumer business in the digital age

In today’s ever-evolving and dynamically changing consumer sector, traditional business models and customer segments are much less relevant. Technology has blurred the lines and created an industry that is open for business any time, anywhere and any way the customer prefers to shop. The possibilities for effectively identifying and engaging consumers are limited only by imagination, and each advance in new technology brings excitement and anticipation of the future of the consumer industry.

However, some of the same advances in technology also present the biggest threats to security and customer trust. The more data and information companies have to leverage, the greater the risks and costs associated with cyber theft or misuse become.

In this year’s Top of Mind Survey, we asked 469 consumer executives how technology and other consumer and industry trends were influencing their corporate strategies. We then dug deeper to discover how those trends are affecting companies and the industry — and what opportunities and threats the executives expect the trends to present. Furthermore, how prepared are companies to respond? And what capabilities and strategies are being invested in to ensure success? …

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