Trainees in Italy: the challenge of the youth employment

On 5 March 2014 in Rome, the Italian Labour Court ruled that apprenticeship (training) contracts will be considered independent from the Fornero Labour Reform regulations (Law No. 92/2012) governing Italian employment relationships — and in particular terminations.

This ruling came about from a claim made by a former trainee who, at the termination of their apprenticeship contract, asked the Italian Labour Court to force the company to reinstate them in their place of work… with back pay as well.

In this case, the Italian Labour Court made a historic ruling on a procedural issue, declaring that the Rito Fornero (that is, the regulations contained within the Fornero Reform that allow for ‘quickie’ appeals in dismissal cases) cannot be applied to apprenticeship contracts. In fact, the Italian Labour Court specified that the Rito Fornero is only applicable for challenging the dismissal an employee who was hired on a permanent contract by a company with more than 15 employees…

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