Tomorrow’s legal leaders could, and should, come from anywhere

In an article first published in the Legal Support Network’s Briefing magazine (November 2013), Totum argues that businesses should take more risks on hires from outside the sector if they want the best and most innovative talent mix in their firms.

At Totum, we have the pleasure of focusing entirely on the rapidly growing community of business services professionals in the legal profession. Over the years, we have taken in changing market trends, including not just the resilience of business services teams through recession but also the critical role they have played in ensuring their firms’ survival and growth through both good times and bad.

We have seen how systems, processes and team structures have advanced as firms have invested more in their support infrastructure. We have faced an ever-increasing demand for skilled business managers who understand the partnership environment. At the same time, we are responding to more calls from sophisticated firms for professionals with the skills and commercial insight acquired from roles undertaken outside of the legal sector. And we are working hard to meet a rising need for specialists in areas such as pricing and project management — roles that would have been beyond the imagination of most firms just a few years back…

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