Thinking about setting up an investment fund?

Have you ever heard about funds and wondered what they are and how they are set up? This post outlines what a fund is, who the main parties to a fund are and how the fund is formed.

A fund is an actively managed collective investment vehicle that buys shares in and/or makes loans to a number of private companies. A fund allows investors to spread their investment risk and provides them with a capital return over the life span of the fund, usually around 10 years. The investments made by the fund are managed so that the maximum value possible is achieved for the investors on an exit, which could be by way of a listing on the stock market, share sale or asset sale.

The fund vehicle itself is an English limited partnership (LP or fund), which must be formed using a form LP5 with at least one general partner and one limited partner (the first limited partner being the founder partner)…

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