The Jobs Act: scene 2014 — take 34

On 12 March, the Italian government initiated the first of many labour reforms to come with the announcement of a new ‘Jobs Act’. However, it was only on 20 March that the text of the first ‘Jobs Act’ reform was published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (in English, Official Gazette) as Decree Law No 34 of 20 March 2014. This decree is immediately enforceable — however, it must be noted that if the Italian parliament does not sign it into law within 60 days then it is back to square one as the law will become null and void.

The aim of this new reform, as with so many of the labour reforms before it, is to stimulate job creation in Italy, which in January 2014 recorded an overall unemployment rate of 12.9 per cent and a youth unemployment rate of 42.4 per cent.

This last figure is of particular concern and indeed the new ‘Jobs Act’ Decree Law addresses this directly through several changes to the regulations governing apprenticeship contracts…

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