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Tenants’ goods — can I chuck them out?

By Anna Ralston

The scenarios are easy to imagine: it is mid-way through the term but the tenant has disappeared; the tenant has been in persistent breach of its lease and the landlord has forfeited the lease; or the term has ended and the tenant has moved out.

The tenant has left behind a number of items. What next? Can the landlord simply chuck them out? In short, the answer is no. This article will look at: the landlord’s responsibilities for the goods; the liabilities the landlord can face for disposing of the tenant’s property without following the proper procedures; and practical guidance for getting the premises back.

What has been left behind? The first thing the landlord should establish is exactly what items have been left behind. Are they chattels or fixtures? The law relating to fixtures and chattels is complex and a landlord should always seek specific legal advice…

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