Ten years of Facebook: where is the ‘twibel’ equivalent and why Zuckerberg’s creation is different (if, indeed, it is)?

By Rhory Robertson and Tom Double

Last month, Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday. The customised 10-year anniversary videos shared by many Facebook users, reflecting their (largely positive) experiences since joining the site, paint a rosy picture of the company’s first decade.

Indeed the social media networking site has much to be credited for: it has facilitated global interaction at no financial expense to its ordinary day-to-day users; provided a platform for debate; and enabled the promotion of social and political causes on a much larger scale than would have been possible previously (think Kony 2012).

But such a novel and ambitious concept was bound to encounter some difficulties, many of which have been legal in nature. There are, for instance, ongoing privacy actions in the US against Facebook over alleged private message scanning and unauthorised use of images in advertisements. In addition, harassment and bullying, particularly among adolescents, has reached epidemic proportions on the site…

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