Highlights from the Toronto Centre CRA and professionals group breakfast seminar download subscription

Dentons 2-Mar-2015

CRA representatives provided an update on two topics: 1) online CRA e-services, and 2) Regulation 102 and Regulation 105 waivers for non-residents.

Amendments to the tax code in Kazakhstan as effective since 1 January 2015 download subscription

GRATA Law Firm 26-Feb-2015

In 2014, 17 laws were adopted to amend the Code of Kazakhstan ‘On Taxes and Other Obligatory Payments to the Budget’. GRATA Law Firm provides a the brief review of main amendments.

BWB briefing for charities and social enterprise: proposals to increase thresholds for charity audit and more download

Bates Wells Braithwaite 26-Feb-2015

A round-up of developments in the charity sector.

Competition News: February 2015 download subscription

Dentons 25-Feb-2015

Dentons has released the February 2015 edition of its Competition News update.

Employment intermediaries and false self-employment: the ‘agency legislation’ download subscription

Goodman Derrick 25-Feb-2015

There is confusion over the new agency legislation and businesses should treat it with care and determination.

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Personal tax/Trusts Briefings

Art Matters newsletter: Sir Winston’s paintings, Wedgwood, Caravaggio and more weblink subscription

Collyer Bristow 26-Feb-2015

 Welcome to Collyer Bristow’s Art Matters, our newsletter covering all aspects of art law.

Whistleblowers in the Swiss banking sector: legal hurdles to co-operating with foreign governments download subscription

Bär & Karrer 25-Feb-2015

An overview of the main Swiss criminal law provisions that prohibit the theft and disclosure of banking information to foreign authorities or courts, and how they have been applied to whistleblowers in recent cases.

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Business Tax Briefings

Hotel operator expenses taxable in India – operators and owners beware download

Khaitan & Co 2-Mar-2015

Mumbai decision may have significant implications for the tax positions of hotel owners and operators in India.

Liability for tax violations under a new code ‘On Administrative Violations’ and Criminal Code of Kazakhstan download subscription

GRATA Law Firm 25-Feb-2015

A brief review of the main innovations concerning the liability of taxpayers on tax-related administrative cases.

VAT and lawyers – a legal challenge? download subscription

Baker Tilly 24-Feb-2015

VAT has proven to be anything but a supposedly simple tax, presenting technical challenges for even the most straightforward of businesses such as the legal profession.

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Featured briefing

Pensions on death: old tax rules scrapped download subscription

Eversheds 13-Oct-2014

George Osborne has revealed the government’s policy proposals on the taxation of ‘unused’ defined-contribution (DC) pension pots on death.

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Video: Totum talks — law and the role of the Big Four weblink subscription

Totum 5-Feb-2015

Tim Skipper talks to Stephen Allen at DLA Piper and Mark Smith at LexisNexis about the role the Big Four have to play in the legal services market of the future.

Australian tax alert: bitcoin and cryptocurrencies — why the GST law should change download subscription

DLA Piper 13-Jan-2015

The Australian Taxation Office released a draft ruling on the Goods and Services Tax treatment of bitcoin transactions on 20 August 2014. 

Shale gale blows on in 2015 download subscription

Dentons 13-Jan-2015

This briefing highlights the ongoing interest in shale and the implications of the government’s emerging Infrastructure Bill.

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Banking and Finance Briefings

Vehicle finance drives strong car sales download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 27-Feb-2015

Greg Standing looks at the different factors contributing to growth in UK car sales, the impact of PCP products on the industry and both the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the future. 

The Arendter No3: Luxembourg’s legal regime for enterprise weblink

Arendt & Medernach 26-Feb-2015

Luxembourg’s advantages for companies considering locating their business here and insight into the country’s legal regime for enterprises.

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Financial Services Briefings

Insurance – foreign investment rules in India download subscription

Khaitan & Co 2-Mar-2015

New rules seek to provide a framework for foreign investment in the Indian insurance sector.

Public procurement in emerging Europe: challenges and opportunities download subscription

Eversheds 2-Mar-2015

€170bn (£120bn) of the EU’s 2014-2020 budget is earmarked for 10 former Eastern bloc countries, much of it being spent on infrastructure and energy projects. Of these, Poland represents the largest market.

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