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Table of Luxembourg double tax treaties: monthly update – 31 July 2013

Chevalier & Sciales has created a treaty table (below) to provide you with an accurate and updated view of Luxembourg double tax treaties in force or currently pending. The latest update of the table is valid as at 31 July 2013.

Currently, Luxembourg has 64 double tax treaties that are in force and 35 treaties that have not yet come into effect (referred to as ‘not yet in force’). There are also seven protocols pending that are limited to the exchange of information on tax matters or including exchange of information among other provisions. Please also note that the draft law number 6501 has been voted. The Law of 14 June 2013 implementing seven new tax treaties with Kazakhstan, Laos, Macedonia, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Germany and Tajikistan, and eight new protocols to existing tax treaties with South Korea, Canada, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Russia and Switzerland has been published in the Mémorial on 4 July 2013. The effective dates of the above-mentioned treaties and protocols are known/revealed progressively/gradually. 

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