Slovakia: brief summary of fast-track amendment to personal data protection regime

Not even a year has passed since Slovakia introduced a new regime on personal data protection in the form of Data Protection Act No. 122/2013 Coll. However, that regime is already subject to an amendment, proving that it has paid off for businesses to cry on the government’s shoulder. Consequently, as of 15 April 2014, businesses can look forward to the removal of certain substantial administrative burdens.

The amendment accepts that in practice it is often not only employees but also persons working on the basis of agreements on performance of work outside of employment relationships who access personal data. Under the new regime, a special authorisation for individuals in the latter group can be struck off employers’ paperwork agenda, as these persons are now entitled to process personal data by virtue of law.

The appointment of a responsible representative by data controllers processing personal data by 20 or more authorised persons is no longer a must. Should the data controller decide to appoint a responsible representative, such a person may even be its statutory body (or a member thereof), if he or she passes the relevant exam under the auspices of the Slovak Data Protection Office…

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