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UK 200 2013 position: 90

Should e-cigarettes be permitted at work? The case for

By Paul Mander

Don’t eat sweets in the office; you’ll get fat. Don’t drink that fizzy drink in the office; it will rot your teeth. Don’t eat so noisily; it’s really annoying. Burgers? Honestly. Birthday? So what? In fact, don’t do anything I don’t like and don’t do anything that isn’t good for you because it’s my duty to protect you from yourself.

Is that helpful or is it overly interfering? We spend an enormous amount of time at work already and to expand that into singing the company song and living your life by the company’s ideals could be seen as taking things several steps too far. Smokers already get a pretty bad press, and now even those who are managing to avoid the greater evils associated with it and who are doing so in a manner that, let’s face it, isn’t really irritating to others are being stigmatised too. Okay, if you blow your water vapour (which is what is being exhaled) into someone’s face then I agree: don’t. Likewise, though, don’t cough on people or stand too close to them: that’s just manners…

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