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Road traffic accidents remain cause for concern

By Jane Woodcock

August is a poignant month when it comes to road traffic accidents, hence its label as National Road Victim Month. The world’s first motor vehicle death occurred on 31 August 1869, while a horrific car crash in Paris claimed the life of Princess Diana on the same day 128 years later. Britain’s first road death also occurred in August 1896, with the coroner declaring ‘this must never happen again’.

Except we live in an age where road traffic accidents are now among the biggest causes of death in the UK, particularly in young people.

As part of a drive to reduce the number of road traffic accidents, traffic calming measures, such as speed-limit reductions, road chicanes and speed cameras to name a few, have been introduced in abundance throughout the country. And it seems that these preventative measures, in conjunction with other initiatives, may be having a positive impact in reducing the number of accidents occurring annually…

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