Real-estate investment in Australia

Australia continues to be viewed as a destination of choice for global real-estate investors seeking a safe haven in a well-regulated and highly transparent growth-orientated market for doing business. In addition, the Australian real-estate market remains favourably priced when compared with other developed core real-estate markets in the US and Europe.

While real-estate markets globally were severely affected by the global financial crisis and the economic turmoil that followed, Australia has performed well across most sectors and is widely viewed as a stable market offering discerning foreign investors historically favourable pricing. Compared with many of their home markets, Australia offers investors exposure to one of the few economies, globally, to be on a growth trajectory. This recognition has led to an increasing number of new foreign investors entering the Australian real-estate market, to the point that foreign-sourced capital is now the dominant source for Australian real-estate investment.

As a well-regulated, stable and transparent market, Australia offers a platform that allows new foreign investors to embrace the globalisation of real-estate capital with confidence…

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