Time to conserve your energy? Minimum energy performance standards for commercially rented property download subscription

Gateley 29-Aug-2014

In July, DECC published its consultation paper on the proposed Private Rented Sector Energy Efficiency Regulations (Non-Domestic).

Video: how to extend a lease — FAQs for leaseholders and freeholders download weblink subscription

IBB Solicitors 28-Aug-2014

A lease is the right to use the property for a period of time. As the lease gets shorter, the value of the lease decreases and it becomes more expensive to extend the lease.

Restrictive covenant magic download subscription

Gateley 22-Aug-2014

Many developers are seeking to develop land that is burdened by one or more historic restrictive covenants.

Managing waste in your business download subscription

B P Collins 15-Aug-2014

All businesses are subject to laws regulating how they manage waste — how they store, treat and dispose of it. Find out what the laws are and how to comply.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards download subscription

Shoosmiths 14-Aug-2014

The government is consulting on Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), which must be met before a property in the private sector can be let.

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Banking and Finance Briefings

Ukraine: new rules for conversion of FX proceeds download subscription

Schoenherr 2-Sep-2014

The National Bank of Ukraine has introduced the compulsory exchange of 100 per cent of foreign currency proceeds.

You need my consent — need I be reasonable in giving it? download subscription

Gateley 2-Sep-2014

A favourite context for the use of the word ‘reasonable’ is in loan and other funding agreements that contain negative undertakings.

Switzerland expands its measures to prevent the circumvention of international Ukraine-related sanctions download subscription

Bär & Karrer 2-Sep-2014

Measures have been adopted to prevent Swiss territory being used as a channel to circumvent international sanctions in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

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Construction Briefings

Advertise your development projects or risk losing some of your grant funding weblink subscription

Walker Morris 1-Sep-2014

Mansfield District Council received grant money from the European Regional Development Fund for two development projects relating to town-centre improvements.

Government plans to allow more development without planning permission download subscription

Nabarro 29-Aug-2014

The government wants to boost housing supply, revitalise the high street and make better use of existing buildings.

Ebola outbreak: is it a force majeure event? download subscription

Eversheds 27-Aug-2014

The potential impact of Ebola is of interest to all corporations with a presence in Africa, and in particular to those with projects, assets and personnel in the countries affected.

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Featured briefing

Opposed lease renewals: stepping into the (tenant) breach… download subscription

Memery Crystal 18-Jul-2014

The Court of Appeal has provided useful guidance as to when a landlord may justifiably oppose a tenant’s lease renewal under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

From the firm of the week

#MonkeySelfie — copyright dispute between Wikipedia and David Slater is not new download subscription

Dentons 2-Sep-2014

The dispute actually began in July 2011 between the UK-based Caters News Agency, who had hired Slater to do a nature shoot in Indonesia, and the blog Techdirt.

Conducting compliance investigations in China: a new regulatory environment download subscription

Dentons 29-Aug-2014

Dentons highlights lessons that can be learned from the Humphrey case and provides advice for navigating the risks associated with internal investigations in China.

MOL safety blitz results show many new businesses non-compliant with basic requirements download subscription

Dentons 29-Aug-2014

A recent MOL safety blitz has shown that many new small businesses violate basic legal requirements such as posting a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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Litigation Briefings

GAFTA Contract 49: interpretation of the buyer’s right to extend the delivery period download subscription

Shepherd and Wedderburn 2-Sep-2014

The English High Court has recently been asked to consider the meaning of clause 8 of GAFTA Contract 49.

Obese employees and discrimination: the verdict on obese employees hangs in the balance download subscription

IBB Solicitors 2-Sep-2014

Employers are waiting on the outcome of a court ruling that may mean special treatment has to be given to employees whose weight is causing them problems in the workplace.

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Family Briefings

Shared parental leave: regulations laid before Parliament and new guidance download subscription

Addleshaw Goddard 2-Sep-2014

From 5 April 2015, eligible employees will have the right to opt into a new system of shared parental leave.

New right for those in ‘qualifying relationship’ with a pregnant woman or her expected child to attend antenatal appointments download subscription

Addleshaw Goddard 2-Sep-2014

Employees and agency workers in a ‘qualifying relationship’ with a pregnant woman can now take unpaid time off work to accompany the woman to antenatal appointments. 

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