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Pre-filing and post-filing licence renewal announcement reminder for TV stations in California

By Lauren Lynch Flick and Scott R Flick

TV, Class A TV and locally originating LPTV stations licensed to communities in California must begin airing pre-filing licence renewal announcements on 1 June 2014. Licence renewal applications for all TV stations in California are due by 1 August 2014.

Stations in the video services that are licensed to communities in California must file their licence renewal applications by 1 August 2014.

Beginning two months prior to that filing, full-power TV, Class A TV and LPTV stations capable of local origination must air four pre-filing renewal announcements alerting the public to the upcoming licence renewal application filing. These stations must air the first pre-filing announcement on 1 June 2014. The remaining announcements must air on 16 June, 1 July and 16 July 2014, for a total of four announcements. A sign board or slide showing the licensee’s address and the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Washington DC address must be displayed while the pre-filing announcements are broadcast…

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