Playing fair: counter striking a dirty tricks campaign

By Rod Christie-Miller

Published with permission, this article was first published in the August 2014 issue of Financier Worldwide magazine, as part of the Technology in Business Special Report.

Rivals who try to undermine your credibility is part of the rough and tumble of business, but when untruths are spread from behind the shield of a fake identity, the line is crossed into the realm of dirty tricks.

In recent years, business leaders have witnessed an increase in malicious and targeted attacks on their reputations, so when anonymous comments start to appear propagating false rumours, how do you stay clean when the mud starts flying? Whether it’s turning stakeholder groups against a client, trying to gain leverage outside Court during litigation or seeking advantage in a commercial rivalry by piquing the interest of the regulator or alienating the customer, one frequent commonality is the use of social media to up the pressure on clients…

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