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Personal data processing — are the operators of public communication networks in compliance with the law?

Rodoljub Šabid, the commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection, said on 4 November 2013 that a procedure of supervision of operators of public communication networks and services has been initiated.

In the first phase of the procedure, a questionnaire was sent to all 462 operators (this is their total number, according to RATEL’s records), which should be responded to within 30 days and which contained questions concerning the fulfilment of legal obligations related to technical, personnel and organisational measures that are intended to protect personal data from loss, destruction and especially unauthorised access.

The purpose of this supervision is to obtain information on the treatment of personal data in the area of electronic communications, especially in relation to internet communications. Depending on the content and quality of the responses to the questions contained in the questionnaire, the commissionaire’s authorised personnel will conduct the direct supervision of certain operators as well…

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