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​One-stop shops — the solution to protracted procedures for obtaining a construction permit?

The Republic of Serbia is ranked 182nd on the World Bank’s list regarding the issuing of construction permits. In 2013 the procedure for issuing construction permits in the Republic of Serbia took 269 days, and investors had to carry out 20 different procedures to be able to start building.

For years now Serbia has been attempting to speed up the procedure for obtaining construction permits, by frequent changes of the legal framework, but no solution has yet yielded the desired results.

Various organisations of businessmen and investors in Serbia have for some time now been emphasising that the main problem in issuing permits lies in the large number of ancillary procedures that need to be carried out. Despite the fact that Serbia requires half the number of additional procedures required in, say, Russia or India, obtaining a construction permit nevertheless takes just as long as in these two countries…

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