One minute with Tim Crosley

How did you end up in tax?
Nearly on purpose. Having done sciences at A-level and having a father very keen for me to study law at university, I had a plan to become an intellectual property (IP) lawyer. It turned out that my tax seat as a trainee at Freshfields was rather more interesting than expected, and my IP seat rather dull by comparison. So it didn’t take much to entice me back to become one of ‘those crazy people in tax’.

Who in tax do you most admire?
David Taylor from Freshfields. He’s not only a brilliant and exceptionally hard-working lawyer, with an immediate instinct for the key important issues, but also someone who has never lost his sense of humour and respect for others.

Is there a recent development in tax that concerns you?
The recent and ongoing trials by the media and the PAC (Starbucks, Google, the role of large accounting firms, etc) have had some good, isolated moments. But like many others, I’m sure, I am terribly frustrated at the constant hunt for the (sometimes laughably inaccurate) soundbite and the unwillingness (or even, dare I say it, inability) to properly debate the real technical issues. Tax behaviour will change from well-drafted, well-executed and (increasingly) internationally co-ordinated legislation, and continuing to pontificate emotionally about morality and ‘fairness’ will, in the long term, lose the real target audience and go nowhere…

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