Looking for ways to deliver an even higher value legal service to your business? With Iken, you can

In this post-credit-crunch climate, corporate counsel has a key role to play in advising their organisation in an increasingly challenging environment. In-house teams are under pressure to deliver ever more added value to the whole business, but without incurring additional cost.

Iken Matter Management software takes document management to a higher plane, and is already equipping a wide variety of corporate counsel teams to meet these business challenges. Iken provides the tools needed to enhance efficiency, increase productivity and cut costs. Users report that they are, on average, 25 per cent more productive as a result of using Iken software.

Using Iken, documents and emails are produced in context, automatically populated and indexed without users having to think about it, cutting down on production time and ensuring speedy document retrieval later. Time saved means more work can be handled by the same number of staff, freeing up additional capacity, which can be used to bring work back in house and so save money…

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