Litigation readiness for Google Enterprise

With more than half of the Fortune 500 now leveraging Google Apps for Business, organisations need a comprehensive cloud ESI collection strategy to prepare for litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance. Axcelerate enables easy and thorough data collection from Gmail and Google Drive (along with other on-premise and cloud solutions), minimising cost while controlling risk.

Axcelerate’s connectors provide complete collection and indexing of both Google and non-Google file types stored in Google Drive, along with email, attachments and metadata. Even Google-specific metadata is collected — such as collaborators, labels, tags and folders — to ensure thoroughness, avoid spoliation and facilitate efficient culling, review and analysis in Axcelerate.

Organisations already leveraging Google Apps Vault for Gmail archive collections will find a powerful complement in the Axcelerate Suite: it not only enables the collection of Google Drive documents but also the ability to search and cull all the data before promoting to review. Organisations without Google Apps Vault can collect Gmail and Google Drive documents directly into the Axcelerate platform as desired…

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