IP Rights in Data Handbook: protecting and exploiting IP in data, big data and databases internationally

In the era of ‘big data’, no ambitious business can afford to live without a strategy for the acquisition, protection and exploitation of the data upon which it depends. The laws enabling data to be protected and exploited are becoming ever-more important to businesses, no matter the sector in which they operate. Yet, not surprisingly, laws relating to intellectual property (IP) protection of data and databases vary significantly among jurisdictions. This naturally poses a challenge to any business looking to protect and exploit data on a cross-border basis.

This guide was devised to provide an overview of the IP and related rights affecting data and databases. This, our second edition of the IP Rights in Data Handbook, now covers 20 jurisdictions and includes for each country top tips from local professionals on how best to exploit big data.

This handbook provides a high-level summary, with links to relevant sources, of the different types of protection available for data and databases in 20 key global jurisdictions. For each jurisdiction, we consider three categories of database that may benefit from protection: original databases; databases in which investment has been made; and confidential databases…

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