IP Matters — winter 2014: new EU Customs Regulation

By Joe Cohen

With effect from 1 January 2014, a new Customs Regulation came into force in the European Union (EU), which replaces the existing Customs Regulation. The new regulation gives customs authorities extended powers to detain suspected counterfeit and pirated goods at the borders of the EU and new powers to detain ‘small consignments’ of goods sent into the EU.

The UK Border Force will continue, as under the old regulation, to detain suspected infringing goods coming through seaports and airports and will notify intellectual property (IP) rights owners. Under the existing ‘simplified procedure’, rights owners will seek the consent of the declarant or holder of the goods to destruction of the goods. If consent is not forthcoming within 10 days, there is deemed consent to destruction.

Here is a summary of the significant changes under the new regulation…

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