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IP Highlights — June 2014: latest stories and IP news from south-east Europe

In the light of recent developments in trademark protection practices and the intensification of EU legislative harmonisation, amendments to the Law on Trademarks have been adopted. Amendments to the existing law will mainly serve to improve rules by setting, in certain cases, stricter standards, and will remove certain ambiguities that currently exist in the law.

Nonetheless, some of the introduced changes will likely affect trademark owners, as well as new applicants for trademark protection. The key novelties include the following.

Trademark protection rights are effective upon publication of trademark registration
A main change from the previous legislation is that now the law explicitly provides that a trademark owner is entitled to the full range of rights from the date that a trademark registration is published, i.e. as of that moment protection rights can be applied to third parties. The objective of this amendment is to prevent possible abuse…

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