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Insurance and Reinsurance Briefings

Flood Re: fixing the roof or papering over the cracks? download subscription

Gateley Plc 18-Aug-2015

The Flood Re scheme creates a not-for-profit flood reinsurance fund managed by the insurance industry. 

WTO formally approves Kazakhstan's membership: the trade implications download subscription

Colibri Law Firm 12-Aug-2015

After an almost 20-year wait and lengthy negotiations, Kazakhstan, the largest economy in Central Asia, is finally on the verge of completing its accession to the World Trade Organization.

Eng vs Aus: don't let property dreams turn to Ashes download subscription

Gateley Plc 7-Aug-2015

Sporting loyalties aside – if, like many others, you are considering investing your money in Australia rather than in England, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Kazakhstan introduces changes to obligatory insurance and Islamic finance laws download subscription

Colibri Kazakhstan 29-Jun-2015

 Kazakhstan modifies insurance and Islamic finance rules.

Insurance activities in Luxembourg download subscription

Arendt & Medernach 9-Jun-2015

This brochure provides an overview of the insurance activities in Luxembourg.

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Bona Vacantia land and mortgagees download subscription

Gateley Plc 27-Aug-2015

The Bona Vacantia Department of the Government Legal Department has now set out new guidelines.

When is it wrong to trade? download subscription

Gateley Plc 26-Aug-2015

A recent case provides useful guidance on how the wrongful trading test should be applied.

In the matter of X (a bankrupt) Royal Court of Guernsey download subscription

Ogier 24-Aug-2015

The Royal Court handed down its decision in In the matter of X (a bankrupt) only months after the decision of the Privy Council in Singularis Holdings Ltd v PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Family Briefings

Relocation after separation must be in best interests of any children download subscription

Shoosmiths 27-Aug-2015

The law provides that if you would like to move a child from their main country of residence, the consent of the other person with parental rights should be obtained first.

Ashley Madison hack – prepare now for a tidal wave of divorce cases? download subscription

Shoosmiths 24-Aug-2015

Some observers believe the hack will lead to a wave of cheated spouses seeking divorce, but even if these actions do materialise, they may not be successful.

Ashley Madison – know your legal rights download subscription

Collyer Bristow 24-Aug-2015

Collyer Bristow discusses what remedies are available to individuals and where employees and employers stand

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From the firm of the week

Redundancy pay rate set to rise download subscription

IBB Solicitors 11-Mar-2015

Annual increases to statutory redundancy pay will take effect from 6 April. The statutory maximum an employee will be able to receive will be £14,250.

The reporting of child sexual abuse: some statistics download subscription

IBB Solicitors 18-Feb-2015

In the past few years the reporting of child sexual abuse has increased dramatically. In this context it is interesting to read research by the National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

Non-disclosure of assets: civil partnership divorce case labelled ‘unique’ download subscription

IBB Solicitors 10-Feb-2015

Lady Justice Black has granted permission for a case brought by a former civil partner against her late ex-partner’s estate to be heard in the Court of Appeal.

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Litigation Briefings

Enhanced protection for defendants? download subscription

Gateley Plc 27-Aug-2015

Being sued is bad, but it’s worse if you are running up substantial costs in defending a claim while in fear that the claimant may not have the means to compensate you if you win.

A pre-Jackson case providing a possible way to save costs and resolve disputes quicker weblink subscription

Walker Morris 27-Aug-2015

Civil litigation in recent years has been dominated by cases and commentary concerned with costs, court fees, procedure and proportionality.

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Company Briefings

CCI of India penalises four public sector insurance companies for cartelisation download subscription

Khaitan & Co 28-Aug-2015

The Competition Commission of India found a cartel among certain public sector insurance companies in India.

Bona Vacantia land and mortgagees download subscription

Gateley Plc 27-Aug-2015

The Bona Vacantia Department of the Government Legal Department has now set out new guidelines.

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