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Information Technology Briefings

Cyber vulnerability in wind turbines download subscription

Dentons 30-Mar-2015

A wind turbine that is deployed across the energy sector worldwide has been hacked. 

Cloud, data protection and security – are cloud providers getting the drift? download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 24-Mar-2015

Last month Microsoft adopted the first international cloud privacy standard. Could this lead to greater confidence in data security and privacy in cloud computing?

UK’s £10m investment in digital currencies download subscription

Dentons 20-Mar-2015

Aim is to put London at the centre of investment in crypto-currency, but all such technologies have major implications for privacy.

Charities and social enterprise newsletter: a 15-point checklist; non-party campaigning; public service pensions; and more download subscription

Bates Wells Braithwaite 19-Mar-2015

Also, a £7m Arts Impact Fund, an early-years education fund and data protection issues. 

Could some cookies outlive the pyramids? download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 17-Mar-2015

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co’s privacy experts examine the findings of a new report on cookie usage, explain what it might mean for websites in the future and provide their top 10 cookie tips. 

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Intellectual Property Briefings

Patents: when Article 84 scrutiny is permitted in opposition proceedings download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 30-Mar-2015

Welcome clarity from the European Patent Office as to the scope of claim ‘examination’ in the course of post-grant amendment proceedings. 

SPCs and combination products: basic patent on a sole ingredient cannot double as basic patent for combination download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 25-Mar-2015

On 12 March 2015 the CJEU gave its ruling in Actavis v Boehringer Ingelheim, yet another reference from the UK courts regarding the interpretation of the SPC Regulation 469/2009.

3D printing at home: what does it mean for retailers and IP owners? download subscription

Eversheds 24-Mar-2015

Retailers must reassess their place in a world where businesses can manufacture products more cheaply and consumers could soon be making their own goods.

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Media/Entertainment/Sport Briefings

The Apple Watch: time to think about social media in the workplace download subscription

Shoosmiths 30-Mar-2015

Developments in technology like the new Apple Watch mean social media use in the workplace is only likely to increase. Shoosmiths looks at how employers should deal with it.

Out! Compulsory retirement of cricket umpires at 65 was not discriminatory download subscription

Stewarts Law 27-Mar-2015

Policies that require employees to retire because they have reached a particular age amount to unlawful age discrimination unless employers can show that they are justified.

Online dating site hit with anti-spam fine download subscription

Dentons 26-Mar-2015

 Lack of a clear and prominent ‘unsubscribe’ mechanism sees Plentyoffish shell out $50k in Canada.

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Featured briefing

Hate crimes and drag queens in cyber space download subscription

Collyer Bristow 10-Oct-2014

In a new book published by Harvard University Press, Hate Crimes in Cyber Space, Prof Danielle Citron lays her prescription for tackling the ‘awful internet’.

From the firm of the week

15 minutes of fame: how to safeguard your reputation in the internet era download subscription

Schillings 11-Mar-2015

How executives can protect their reputation in a world of online profiles, posts and public records.

Twitter takes on the trolls download subscription

Schillings 9-Feb-2015

It was revealed yesterday that Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, admitted on Twitter’s internal forums that Twitter ‘sucks at dealing with abuse and trolls’.

A partnership for avoiding embarrassment download subscription

Schillings 5-Feb-2015

Social media offers huge opportunities for brands to strengthen their reputation and build stronger relationships with their customers and other stakeholders. But it can be a double-edged sword.

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Litigation Briefings

Germanwings crash compensation: what we know download subscription

Stewarts Law 30-Mar-2015

Some families are expected to get less than $100,000, while others will receive millions.

Patient safety and the NHS: ‘if you didn’t sue them they’d never learn’ download subscription

Stewarts Law 30-Mar-2015

Lawyers are often criticised for facilitating claims against the NHS but as a senior MP remarked to me last week, “if you didn’t sue them they’d never learn”. 

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Company/Commercial Briefings

An Easter weekend of change for employers download subscription

Shoosmiths 30-Mar-2015

Shoosmiths takes a look at the key changes in employment law in store from this April.

Family offices defy generalisation download subscription

Ogier 23-Mar-2015

Family offices are highly differentiated and need advisers who can understand the variety of needs inherent in looking after wealthy and entrepreneurial families.

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