Headlines from the Law Commission report on matrimonial property, needs and agreements — part two

By Claire Blakemore

While the recommendations of the Law Commission and draft bill still need to be adopted by the government, we set out below some of the main issues raised by the proposed reforms.

Where needs are met, a qualifying nuptial agreement properly entered into and adhering to strict formalities will be an enforceable contract and will not be subject to the scrutiny of the court…

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Briefings from Withers

  • Family law revolution

    22 April 2014 marked ‘the largest reform of the family justice system any of us have seen or will see in our professional lifetimes’, according to the president of the Family Division.

  • A day out with the Charity Tax Group

    Withers’ Graham Elliott discusses the points he found most interesting from this year’s Charity Tax Group annual meeting.

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