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GM Packaging v Haslem: relying on an external HR consultant’s advice

GM Packaging v Haslem concerned Mr Haslem, a senior manager of GM Packaging, a small company with only nine employees, who was dismissed following discovery by the managing director (Mr Montague) that he had engaged in sexual activity with another employee (Ms Ottey) on company premises after working hours. Mr Montague also discovered that a Dictaphone machine had been inadvertently left on and had recorded Mr Haslem and Ms Ottey speaking in derogatory terms about Mr Montague.

Ms Ottey was dismissed on the spot but Mr Haslem was treated differently. Mr Montague sought the assistance of an HR consultancy company regarding Mr Haslem and as a result of that advice he arranged for another manager to investigate the alleged misconduct.

Mr Haslem then attended a disciplinary hearing with a member of the HR consultancy company (Ms Powell). After the hearing, Ms Powell recommended and sought authority from Mr Montague to dismiss Mr Haslem and subsequently dismissed him. Mr Haslem appealed and another member of the HR consultancy company heard his appeal and dismissed it, having first obtained authority from Mr Montague…

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