Ashley Madison hack – prepare now for a tidal wave of divorce cases? download subscription

Shoosmiths 24-Aug-2015

Some observers believe the hack will lead to a wave of cheated spouses seeking divorce, but even if these actions do materialise, they may not be successful.

Ashley Madison – know your legal rights download subscription

Collyer Bristow 24-Aug-2015

Collyer Bristow discusses what remedies are available to individuals and where employees and employers stand

New Czech civil code: confusion over automatic spouse rights to company shareholder membership download subscription

Schoenherr 21-Aug-2015

The profession is divided about the two possible interpretations of the new law.

New mothers ‘forced out of work’ download subscription

B P Collins 11-Aug-2015

Discrimination is forcing thousands of new mothers out of work each year, new research suggests.

Holiday and family leave: are employees entitled to take holiday even after a period of family leave? download subscription

Shoosmiths 11-Aug-2015

Employees who take ‘family leave’ may not always given the opportunity to take accrued holiday when they return. But is this legal?

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Real Estate Briefings

Bona Vacantia land and mortgagees download subscription

Gateley Plc 27-Aug-2015

The Bona Vacantia Department of the Government Legal Department has now set out new guidelines.

Escaping bad contracts – mission impossible? download subscription

Gateley Plc 25-Aug-2015

 Top tips to take away from a case that highlights the pitfalls of fixed increase clauses in lease contracts.

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Banking and Finance Briefings

Suspicious minds: the reporting – and prosecution – threshold for money laundering offences in the Jersey financial services sector download subscription

Collas Crill 26-Aug-2015

It has taken 15 years for Jersey’s authorities to prosecute for failing to report potential money laundering under its proceeds of crime legislation.

Ambitious initiatives of Kazakhstan download subscription

Colibri Kazakhstan 26-Aug-2015

The special economic zone is targeted to be created on the territory of EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition. 

The Lawyer Market Reports brochure download subscription

The Lawyer 24-Aug-2015

Discover the latest reports in our growing portfolio.

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Enhanced protection for defendants? download subscription

Gateley Plc 27-Aug-2015

Being sued is bad, but it’s worse if you are running up substantial costs in defending a claim while in fear that the claimant may not have the means to compensate you if you win.

A pre-Jackson case providing a possible way to save costs and resolve disputes quicker weblink subscription

Walker Morris 27-Aug-2015

Civil litigation in recent years has been dominated by cases and commentary concerned with costs, court fees, procedure and proportionality.

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Construction Briefings

12 things to know about construction in Central Asia and Caucasus download subscription

Colibri Law Firm 26-Aug-2015

The construction industry in post-Soviet countries is significantly different from the construction industry of the West – foreign contractors must be prepared for a different environment.

Planning: what are ‘reasonable steps to consult’? download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 20-Aug-2015

The High Court considered what is required of a local authority in satisfying the statutory duty on consultation.

Israel: law change on construction permits download subscription

Barnea & Co Law Offices 19-Aug-2015

The amendment concerns a transfer and expansion of authorities to the local committees and sweeping amendments designed to shorten, streamline and simplify construction licensing.

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