Enterprise Collaboration: Enhancing Your Collaborative Ecosystem

Collaboration is central to business activity, and most organisations have invested in developing collaborative ecosystems. However, many of these ecosystems have become inflexible and outdated, unable to accommodate the newer, and often better, online collaboration tools that are widely available today.

Consumer-driven collaboration applications promise powerful, intuitive, and possibly even free alternatives to existing content management or document management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Autonomy iManage, Documentum, or OpenText. However, they are generally designed to operate independently of legacy systems, providing redundant functionality, undermining important intellectual property protections, and reducing the integrity of corporate data stores.

IT professionals must take an active role in enhancing their collaborative ecosystems, or employees will find ways to work outside approved channels. The addition of a platform with enterprise-grade security and data policy enforcement features that also offers file sharing, social business, document comparison, and other online and offline collaboration tools could be an ideal solution. If integrated into existing legacy applications, this platform will allow employees and external parties to work safely across the corporate firewall, while being flexible enough to future-proof the ecosystem.

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