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Employment Update: summer 2014 — restrictive covenants; whistleblowing Q&A; fiduciary duties; and more

With the economy now unambiguously recovering, the risk of employees departing to competitors with your valuable information is growing. In this special focus on restrictive covenants, Paul Seath looks at the vital importance of having effective restrictions in place and Louise Rea examines the specific challenges of online communications and social media.

Changes to whistleblowing legislation came into force a year ago, adding the new requirement that disclosures be ‘in the public interest’. Louise McCartney recaps on the elements of whistleblowing legislation that are most relevant to employers.

Board directors should be aware of the duties placed upon them by the Companies Act 2006 and ensure that they are complying with them. Gemma Boore outlines directors’ key duties and the issues they raise…

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