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Employment Appeal Tribunal Familiar Authorities Bundle

Certain key authorities (important court cases) have in the past been frequently included in the Bundles of Authorities prepared by parties for hearings at the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and regularly cited to the Appeal Tribunal.

As explained in the EAT President’s Practice Statement of 17 April 2012 the Appeal Tribunal has adopted a new arrangement in relation to those frequently cited cases: ‘A number of familiar authorities are so frequently cited to the Appeal Tribunal that sufficient copies of those authorities for any hearing will be maintained at the Tribunal in every court. This will avoid unnecessary work for the parties, and avoid overuse of paper and copying resources.

‘A list of such cases will be maintained on the website of the Appeal Tribunal, and any case on the list should not be photocopied. It may be relied on if necessary if argument before the Appeal Tribunal (which may refer to the maintained copy), and if so it will be sufficient for the party relying upon it to identify the principle contended for, or said to be inapplicable, by reference to the paragraph number(s) of the report.’

Pursuant to that Statement, each EAT courtroom (in London and Edinburgh) is now supplied with sufficient copies of a Bundle of Familiar Authorities for use by each member of any Appeal Tribunal which is sitting…

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