Divorce proceedings become more reportable following High Court judgment

By Joelle Rich

Up until now, journalists have been allowed to sit in private divorce hearings but they have, in most cases, been unable to report on most of what they hear. It has long since been the position that matrimonial disputes are inherently private and, other than in certain specific circumstances, should not be freely reported.

For that position to be reversed, the media need to show that there is a genuine public interest in publishing anything they hear. This is not the same as what would be ‘interesting to the public’ — a phrase you will often hear us say when protecting our clients’ private lives.

Sir Chris Hohn is currently in the middle of divorce proceedings. Hohn runs a philanthropic hedge fund reported to hold approximately $4.3bn (£2.5m). His wife is seeking half of his net assets, which have been estimated at $1.3bn. The case is thought to be the largest to have come before the English courts…

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