Juvenile offenders: a different approach needed? — Part I download subscription

No5 Chambers 22-Aug-2014

No5’s Richard Gibbs co-presents the opposing arguments surrounding the manner in which the youth courts treat juveniles convicted of criminal offences.

How to deal with employees lying about their qualifications download subscription

Shoosmiths 21-Aug-2014

Shoosmiths looks at the legal implications of employees lying about their qualifications and how employers can guard against being misled.

Understanding Forex manipulation download subscription

Collyer Bristow 18-Aug-2014

Stephen Critchley and Robert Andrews describe what the alleged manipulation is; who may have suffered from it; and the ongoing investigations into it.

Cyber security: SMEs more vulnerable than ever to cyber crime download subscription

IBB Solicitors 18-Aug-2014

In 2013, 41 per cent of small firms fell prey to cyber criminals, with another 10 per cent hit by online fraud and 20 per cent affected by a computer virus.

Protecting your data against a cyber attack download subscription

Minter Ellison 15-Aug-2014

Higher education providers are becoming increasingly popular targets for cyber attacks. 

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Banking and Finance Briefings

Video: lasting power of attorney and property and financial affairs — FAQs download weblink subscription

IBB Solicitors 22-Aug-2014

A lasting power of attorney gives authority to another person to make decisions on behalf of the donor if the donor loses mental capacity.

The Financial Report — Fed study questions new money market rules; Singapore updates audit committee guidebook; and more weblink subscription

DLA Piper 22-Aug-2014

DLA Piper has released the latest version (Volume 3, No.16) of The Financial Report, featuring news and analysis from across the financial sector.

Enforcement of rights by investors consultation for FIDLEG and FINIG — part IV download subscription

Bär & Karrer 22-Aug-2014

In this fourth briefing on the draft bills, Bär & Karrer analyses the regulation FIDLEG provides in relation to the enforcement of rights by investors.

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Media/Entertainment/Sport Briefings

FCC Enforcement Monitor — missing public inspection file and staff result in increased fine; and more download subscription

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman 22-Aug-2014

Pillsbury has released the August 2014 issue of its FCC Enforcement Monitor.

Premier League kicks off new copyright clampdown download subscription

Shoosmiths 21-Aug-2014

The FAPL has issued a warning to people posting unofficial videos of goals online, stating that these videos are in ‘breach of copyright’.

Are UEFA’s financial fair play rules at odds with EU competition law? download subscription

LK Shields Solicitors 21-Aug-2014

LK Shields’ Marco Hickey takes a look at recent developments in European football governance from a competition law perspective.

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Featured briefing

The UK Bribery Act, three years on: can we relax yet? download subscription

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman 17-Jul-2014

The Bribery Act 2010 has now been in force for three years. There have as yet been no corporate prosecutions brought under the act.

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Understanding Forex manipulation download subscription

Collyer Bristow 18-Aug-2014

Stephen Critchley and Robert Andrews describe what the alleged manipulation is; who may have suffered from it; and the ongoing investigations into it.

Prophet plc v Huggett: update download subscription

Collyer Bristow 8-Aug-2014

In Prophet plc v Huggett, the High Court came to the surprising decision that it could reword a badly drafted restriction in an employment contract.

Cultural objections 2 download subscription

Collyer Bristow 6-Aug-2014

Spencer Compton has challenged the decision of Northampton Borough Council to put up for sale a statue, sculpted around 2400 BC, of an Egyptian official.

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Recent consultation case highlights the court’s willingness to intervene in public sector decision making download subscription

Eversheds 22-Aug-2014

All health sector bodies thinking about taking decisions that are subject to a period of public consultation should take heed of the High Court’s recent judgment.

Divorce statistics: divorces costing more even though legal fees have gone down download subscription

IBB Solicitors 22-Aug-2014

A new report from Aviva has found that the average cost of divorcing for each couple has risen 57 per cent, from around £28,000 in 2006 to £43,900.

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Insolvency and restructuring Briefings

Guarantee or indemnity? Conclusive evidence clauses download subscription

Shoosmiths 21-Aug-2014

In a recent case, the court considered whether deeds intending to indemnify a factor’s losses under an invoice discounting agreement were an indemnity or a guarantee.

Calculations on ISDA close-out: Lehman Brothers Finance SA (in liquidation) v Sal Oppenheim jr & cie KGAA download subscription

Dentons 20-Aug-2014

This case provides further guidance in relation to how payment on early termination of a 1992 ISDA Master Agreement should be calculated where automatic early termination applies.

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  • legal aid

    Regional bar: Commerce raiders

    The regions might stand shoulder-to-shoulder with London on criminal justice issues but there is everything to fight for when it comes to commercial work

  • Law Society

    Tottering Law Society sends tremors industry-wide

    If criminal law practitioners, incensed by the Law Society’s pliancy to legal aid cuts, pass a motion of no confidence, they will open the way for more regulatory change

  • Legal aid

    Training: Criminal injustice

    Legal aid changes could have a serious impact on junior barristers

  • roundtable

    The moral maze

    Leading lawyers outline the challenges faced in managing and controlling risk in the wake of globalisation and ever more intrusive regulation

  • DVD

    Online piracy enforcement in the UK – what a carry-on

    Copyright lawyers want legislation reformed and simplified to create a level playing field for movie distribution channels

  • money cold snow 150

    Cash back

    Civil recovery actions have been identified as a powerful tool in the fight against financial crime. Nicholas Cox examines their progress to date and whether criticisms of them being used as an alternative to prosecutions hold any water

  • Rod Fletcher

    Pleading time

    A move towards a more American approach in fraud pleas throws up new issues, say Rod Fletcher and Shula de Jersey

  • The wrong righters

    The Criminal Cases Review Commission is fighting on behalf of wrongly convicted prisoners – but is also fending off criticism for not being proactive enough. Jon Robins investigates