Immigration changes May 2014 — what do employers need to know? weblink subscription

Walker Morris 9-Jul-2014

Walker Morris looks at the immigration changes and what employers need to know.

Maximum fines available to magistrates to increase the impact on organisations? download subscription

Nabarro 7-Jul-2014

The government has recently announced that it will remove the £5,000 upper limit on fines imposed in the magistrates’ courts.

Cyber bullying and personal injury claims download subscription

Collyer Bristow 4-Jul-2014

Scarcely a day goes by without there being a report of someone being cyber bullied. Incidences are not limited to celebrities but can, and do, affect anyone and everyone.

Arbitrator may order change to hours, location of doctor who sexually harassed hospital nurse download subscription

Dentons 4-Jul-2014

Where a doctor has sexually harassed a nurse, a labour arbitrator has authority to decide how close the doctor should be able to work with the nurse and under what conditions.

Disclosure of spent convictions download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 4-Jul-2014

The Supreme Court has confirmed that the government’s changes to the criminal records disclosure regime last year were necessary.

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Banking and Finance Briefings

Top tips for financiers: directors in a financial crisis download subscription

Dentons 10-Jul-2014

The Dentons restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy group considers the English law position.

Top tips for financiers: dealing with a defaulting borrower download subscription

Dentons 10-Jul-2014

The Dentons restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy group considers the legal, commercial and practical issues.

Corporate News: ICSA Registrars Group guidance on articles of association and dividend distributions; and more download subscription

Addleshaw Goddard 10-Jul-2014

Addleshaw Goddard has published the June 2014 edition of Corporate News.

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Media/Entertainment/Sport Briefings

Tweet dreams — social media and law firms download subscription

Totum 11-Jul-2014

Social media offers many opportunities for law firms, and yet there is still much reluctance.

Leuthold v CBC: ‘industry practice’ in interpreting contracts download subscription

Dentons 9-Jul-2014

When, if ever, can ‘industry practice’ be used in interpreting contracts? That question is of particular relevance in the entertainment industries.

A reminder from the EAT: appealing against a well-reasoned tribunal decision is unlikely to be successful download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 8-Jul-2014

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has reviewed the approach to be taken by tribunals in determining employment status.

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Featured briefing

Lifetime anonymity for young criminals download subscription

IBB Solicitors 12-May-2014

Youth justice campaigners have called for a change in the law to give children accused of crimes anonymity for life, to prevent them and their family being stigmatised ‘in perpetuity’.

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Think global but act local: local content rules in the oil and gas sector download subscription

Dentons 14-Jul-2014

Local content is a theme that is becoming increasingly prevalent for investment in the oil and gas sectors in Africa.

CRA: tax treatment of Ponzi scheme investments download subscription

Dentons 14-Jul-2014

The CRA has provided some guidance on how it will administer the Income Tax Act (Canada) in respect of the income and losses arising from Ponzi schemes.

Biomethane RHI consultation download subscription

Dentons 14-Jul-2014

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is designed to increase the uptake of renewable heat technologies and reduce carbon emissions.

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Costs and compliance: Mitchell take two — revised guidance for those seeking relief from court sanctions weblink subscription

Walker Morris 14-Jul-2014

After eight months of uncertainty and legal angst, the Court of Appeal has clarified the Mitchell guidance.

Revision of corporate exit tax rules download subscription

Wildgen 14-Jul-2014

The Luxembourg Parliament has adopted the law amending some tax provisions concerning the area of ‘exit tax’ in order to make the exit taxation compliant with EU law.

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Insolvency and restructuring Briefings

Don’t turn it off — supplying services during formal insolvencies download subscription

Gateley 11-Jul-2014

The government has launched a consultation on its proposals to force more crucial suppliers to continue to supply their services during formal insolvencies, irrespective of any pre-existing debts.

Top tips: buying from an insolvent company download subscription

Dentons 10-Jul-2014

Dentons’ restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy group considers the legal, commercial and practical issues when buying from an insolvent company.

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    Tottering Law Society sends tremors industry-wide

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    Training: Criminal injustice

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    Cash back

    Civil recovery actions have been identified as a powerful tool in the fight against financial crime. Nicholas Cox examines their progress to date and whether criticisms of them being used as an alternative to prosecutions hold any water

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    Pleading time

    A move towards a more American approach in fraud pleas throws up new issues, say Rod Fletcher and Shula de Jersey

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