Briefing for Charities & Social Enterprises, 18 November 2015: deregulating lotteries; and more download subscription

Bates Wells Braithwaite 19-Nov-2015

Also: Kids Company; academy schools; and more

No crystal ball required: City Link directors found not guilty download subscription

Gateley Plc 18-Nov-2015

Failure to warn of mass redundancies case collapses.

What lessons can Guernsey’s compliance industry take from the Jardine case? download subscription

Carey Olsen 17-Nov-2015

The case of Jardine and STM Fiduciaire is the first prosecution of its kind in the Channel Island, raising concerns across the regulatory and compliance industry.

Lawyer 2B autumn 2015 digital edition weblink subscription

Lawyer 2B 17-Nov-2015

Face-to-face with a superstar defence lawyer; helping disability claimants; working for the most hated clients in the country; and more 

The Magna Carta and the Criminal Court charge download subscription

S&O Partnership 13-Nov-2015

Part 2A of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 appears to erode those a number of the principles held by the Magna Carta. 

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Banking and Finance Briefings

Luxembourg: a heavier compliance burden download subscription

Arendt & Medernach 25-Nov-2015

New law will substantially increase the compliance burden on funds and banks

Cyprus ship mortgages: an effective way to secure your financing. download subscription

Christodoulos G Vassiliades & Co 24-Nov-2015

A widely used tool for securing the repayment of a loan or any other financial obligation of shipping companies towards their creditors is the creation of a mortgage over a ship in favour of the said creditor.

Jersey: the Ombudsman cometh download subscription

Ogier 24-Nov-2015

A Q&A, now that Jersey’s first Financial Services Ombudsman has started work.

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Media/Entertainment/Sport Briefings

Uzbekistan TMT review download subscription

GRATA Law Firm 23-Nov-2015

The various technology, media and telecommunications industries are treated as strategic industries in Uzbekistan, and special attention has been paid to TMT by the government in recent years. 

Defamation claims fall download subscription

Shoosmiths 23-Nov-2015

Down by 27 per cent last year.

IP Matters, Nov 2015: the footballer and the bad doll; the Batmobile Gotham deserves; and more weblink subscription

Walker Morris 19-Nov-2015

Also: ’Make America Great Again’ TM; another triumpph for Jay Z; and more

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From the firm of the week

Questions asked in 'no ashes after baby cremation' case download subscription

Hudgell Solicitors 20-Nov-2015

The ashes were found stored at a funeral directors 10 years later. 

‘They just think I’m crazy’: Employers are failing to adequately support brain injury sufferers in the UK download subscription

Hudgell Solicitors 30-Oct-2015

Without adequate support, reintegration to the workplace can be difficult and costly. 

Personal injury: choose your dentist with care download subscription

Hudgell Solicitors 9-Oct-2015

£540,000 compensation paid to Hudgell clients in past 12 months for sub-standard dentistry 

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Serbia: post-privatisation law changes could put off investors download

JPM Jankovic Popovic Mitic 26-Nov-2015

Burden of restitution of confiscated property is being transferred from the state to the investors.

Private landlord Q&A: when there is no forwarding address; and more download

The Sheriffs Office 26-Nov-2015

Also: Do you have to return the deposit when you issue a Section 21; and more

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Insolvency and restructuring Briefings

A creditors guide to Guernsey insolvency download subscription

Collas Crill 25-Nov-2015

The options, including a useful Q&A section.

Croatia: accelerated bankruptcy proceedings download subscription

Schoenherr 24-Nov-2015

The recently adopted Croatian Bankruptcy Act sets out a new integrated pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy regime.

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  • digital world internet

    From in-house counsel to business partner: what you need to know

    A study published recently by PwC looking at the global state of information security shows that many organisations lack both clear leadership and strategies for tackling the security threats they face.

  • Gib crumbles

    Marrache: A hard time on the Rock

    Gibraltar’s Marrache case has been staggeringly expensive and bitterly disruptive, embroiling government and financial authorities in the scandal. Will the jurisdiction emerge stronger as a result?

  • legal aid

    Regional bar: Commerce raiders

    The regions might stand shoulder-to-shoulder with London on criminal justice issues but there is everything to fight for when it comes to commercial work

  • Law Society

    Tottering Law Society sends tremors industry-wide

    If criminal law practitioners, incensed by the Law Society’s pliancy to legal aid cuts, pass a motion of no confidence, they will open the way for more regulatory change

  • Legal aid

    Training: Criminal injustice

    Legal aid changes could have a serious impact on junior barristers

  • roundtable

    The moral maze

    Leading lawyers outline the challenges faced in managing and controlling risk in the wake of globalisation and ever more intrusive regulation