Legal due diligence: top tips for sellers download subscription

Shoosmiths 27-Aug-2015

Shoosmiths offers its top tips for a seller responding to legal due diligence enquiries, to make the process as focused, cost-effective and efficient as possible. 

Mergers and acquisitions: a guide to UK and EU competition law for overseas clients download subscription

Collyer Bristow 26-Aug-2015

Where two or more businesses merge their activities, clearance from UK and EU authorities may be required. This guide focuses on UK merger control. 

Seven tips to fantastic B2B Linkedin relationships download subscription

LDF 25-Aug-2015

How to share, like and update content that your LinkedIn connections want to see.

New Czech civil code: confusion over automatic spouse rights to company shareholder membership download subscription

Schoenherr 21-Aug-2015

The profession is divided about the two possible interpretations of the new law.

Duties of directors under BVI law download subscription

Carey Olsen 20-Aug-2015

Overview covers fiduciary duties, disclosure of interest, and more.

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Abolition of DC short service refunds download subscription

Gateley Plc 28-Aug-2015

With effect from 1 October 2015, the right to take a short service refund from a defined contribution occupational scheme will be abolished. 

Questions raised over management pay gaps download subscription

B P Collins 27-Aug-2015

A gender pay gap means women managers are effectively working for free for an hour and 40 minutes every day, research suggests.

The lingering gender pay gap download subscription

No5 Chambers 26-Aug-2015

Jessica Smeaton looks at the government’s new consultation paper and the impact on large employers.

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Energy Briefings

Anaerobic digestion can help UK reach renewable energy targets download subscription

B P Collins 27-Aug-2015

The energy derived from waste could help achieve the EU’s target of creating 20 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Romania to regulate offshore oil and gas operations download subscription

Schoenherr 25-Aug-2015

 Romanian authorities have published a draft law on the safety of offshore oil and gas operations.

EU sanctions against Iran suspended: implications for shipping download subscription

Christodoulos G. Vassiliades & Co. LLC 20-Aug-2015

Consult insurance providers prior to engaging in any new activity

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Enhanced protection for defendants? download subscription

Gateley Plc 27-Aug-2015

Being sued is bad, but it’s worse if you are running up substantial costs in defending a claim while in fear that the claimant may not have the means to compensate you if you win.

A pre-Jackson case providing a possible way to save costs and resolve disputes quicker weblink subscription

Walker Morris 27-Aug-2015

Civil litigation in recent years has been dominated by cases and commentary concerned with costs, court fees, procedure and proportionality.

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Company Briefings

CCI of India penalises four public sector insurance companies for cartelisation download subscription

Khaitan & Co 28-Aug-2015

The Competition Commission of India found a cartel among certain public sector insurance companies in India.

Bona Vacantia land and mortgagees download subscription

Gateley Plc 27-Aug-2015

The Bona Vacantia Department of the Government Legal Department has now set out new guidelines.

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