Content delivery system expedites SharePoint adoption

The information explosion has produced a massive headache for enterprises trying to contain and manage ever-expanding volumes of data. Organisations are on the lookout for improved tools to help their employees find relevant information quickly and provide customers with efficient services. Many companies migrating to SharePoint are taking advantage of the opportunity to integrate a content delivery system that streamlines the user’s experience, offers economies of speed and consolidation and accelerates wide adoption of SharePoint.

Although SharePoint continues to become a knowledge hub for organisations, not all enterprise content will be migrated, and the need for true enterprise-wide information access is more relevant than ever. The native search capabilities within SharePoint have improved but still lack key features required for gaining access to all enterprise knowledge.

By embedding Recommind’s CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) index in SharePoint, enterprises can provide the SharePoint portal as a single ‘go-to’ source for all information, whether general to the enterprise, specific to a given office or team or available from outside sources. The content delivery system web parts allow organisations to display any information on a SharePoint page without the need for IT involvement, which encourages the firm and organisation, wide adoption of SharePoint. With an automated content delivery system, an organisation can leverage its information assets in ways that it never could before. The transparent co-ordination of these two platforms removes the guesswork for employees, who can access information stored outside of SharePoint from the easy-to-use SharePoint interface…

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