Construction of new sports facilities on public areas and restoration of existing stadiums

Article 1, paragraph 304, of Law No. 147 of 27 December 2013 (2014 State Budget Act) aims at fostering the modernisation or construction of sports facilities, especially as regards the safety of the facilities and of spectators, by simplifying the relevant administrative procedures and by foreseeing innovative funding.

The aforesaid provision sets forth that any party willing to carry out the relevant construction or restoration works, as the case may be, shall have to submit a feasibility study to the municipality concerned, by way of preliminary project, which shall be drafted by taking into consideration the provisions under article 14 of Presidential Decree No. 207 of 5 October 2010, accompanied by an economic and financial plan, and by the agreement with one or more sports associations, clubs or societies using the facilities by prevailing means.

Should the aforesaid works need be carried out on state-owned areas or on existing public facilities, the approved project shall be subject to an adequate public tendering to be completed, in any event, no later than 90 days as of approval thereof…

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