Increasing the bankability of PPP projects in Kazakhstan: legislation issues download subscription

Colibri Kazakhstan 3-Jul-2015

A focus on analysis of existing key concepts of Kazakhstan’s legislation which may potentially affect the bankability of the PPP projects in Kazakhstan. 

The reforms to the agriculture sector and transition to the green economy download subscription

Colibri Kazakhstan 26-Jun-2015

Kazakhstan is consistently ranked first or second among the largest exporters of flour and it is in top 10 world leaders in sale of grain.

How to stay safe at work download subscription

Hudgell Solicitors 17-Jun-2015

Hudgell Solicitors takes a look at two of the nation’s most dangerous industries and offer advice on staying safe at work.

Who can be appointed as principal designer? (You may want to phone a friend...) download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 9-Jun-2015

Coe or Ovett? Oasis or Blur? Ketchup or brown sauce? All questions that lead to heated debate. And now there’s a new question to add to the list – who should you appoint as your principal designer?

Who should be a principal designer? CDM Regulations 2015 download subscription

Winckworth Sherwood 2-Jun-2015

The most significant change introduced by the CDM Regulations 2015 was the creation of the new role of the ‘principal designer’.

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Triumph for transparency or snooper’s charter? download subscription

Collas Crill 3-Jul-2015

Will a workable register of people with significant control succeed in balancing the interests of businesses, investors and the public?

Chancellor urged to back small firms download subscription

B P Collins 3-Jul-2015

George Osborne is being urged to improve the landscape for small businesses, ahead of the Budget.

The dangers of working at heights weblink subscription

Walker Morris 3-Jul-2015

There has been a raft of recent cases where the Health and Safety Executive has successfully prosecuted individuals and firms who have permitted staff and others to suffer injury while working at height.

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Energy Briefings

Wind turbine guidance amended – where next for local veto rights? download subscription

No5 Chambers 26-Jun-2015

If local veto rights apply to wind farms what next – prisons, fracking, gypsy sites?

250 wind projects to be scrapped download subscription

B P Collins 24-Jun-2015

Onshore wind farms blown away as subsidies end.

Managing tax in the gas industry download subscription

KPMG 23-Jun-2015

Tax amid flux in South Africa; incentives in Nigeria; investment and Japan; uncharted waters in Australia; and more.

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Litigation Briefings

Litigants in person: essential new guidelines weblink subscription

Walker Morris 3-Jul-2015

Guidelines for lawyers have been issued in response to increasing numbers of individuals representing themselves in court. Rebecca Courtney explains how the guidelines can help to ensure the smooth running of cases involving litigants in person.

HCA International v CMA – when it's time to start afresh download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 3-Jul-2015

The Court of Appeal looked at when a public body is required to appoint new decision makers where a decision has been held to be unlawful and is remitted to the body to be retaken.

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Company Briefings

Promoting competitive sales in concordato preventivo procedures download subscription

NCTM 3-Jul-2015

New rules for the competitive bid process aimed at the sale of the debtor’s assets.

Widespread adoption of data and analytics among businesses, yet many challenged to derive value from the data download subscription

KPMG 3-Jul-2015

A KPMG report highlights a growing gap between how businesses currently use D&A and their ability to apply it to untapped areas of rich opportunity.

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