Guidance on the FCA's concurrent competition powers download subscription

Collyer Bristow 15-Sep-2015

The FCA now has the power to regulate competition in the financial services sector.

Guidance on the FCA's new powers over competition download subscription

Collyer Bristow 8-Sep-2015

On 1 April 2015, the FCA assumed powers to regulate competition in the financial services sector.

Luxembourg: implementation of the UCITS V directive download subscription

Arendt & Medernach 6-Aug-2015

Stakeholders will have a very short transition period. 

Banking and finance: regulator’s payments review details download subscription

Eversheds 20-Jul-2015

Addressing concerns over vertical relationships and common ownership in the UK interbank payments systems.

Italy: clarification on complex financial products download subscription

Eversheds 15-Jul-2015

Q&A makes it clear that intermediaries are responsible for mapping of products.

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Parental leave: another shake-up coming download subscription

B P Collins 9-Oct-2015

Grandparents will be allowed to take time off work to look after their grandchildren. 

Will grandparents soon be sharing parental leave too? download subscription

Shepherd and Wedderburn 9-Oct-2015

Employers may have to amend leave policies that have only recently been amended.

Immigration: are you at risk of having your offices shut down? download subscription

Bates Wells Braithwaite 8-Oct-2015

The government has published its proposed new Immigration Bill which had its first reading in the House of Commons on 17 September 2015.

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Corporate Briefings

Yes, you can discriminate against a company (but you shouldn’t) download subscription

No5 Chambers 9-Oct-2015

A company can suffer a detriment under the Equality Act and so bring a claim for direct discrimination. Yet a company is impersonal, so how can that be?

The EU referendum: what campaigners should know download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 9-Oct-2015

Practical pointers for those who may get involved.

Break cost clauses: breaking up is hard to do download subscription

Gateley Plc 8-Oct-2015

Lenders, note that when seeking to enforce break cost clauses the nature of the swap, the wording and the notice arrangements will all be assessed. 

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Businesses to pick up the bill for training up the workforce download subscription

Shoosmiths 28-Sep-2015

As the government seeks to resolve the UK’s skills gap and reduce net migration into the UK, Shoosmiths examines two new charges which are proposed to be levied on businesses.

Legal due diligence: top tips for sellers download subscription

Shoosmiths 27-Aug-2015

Shoosmiths offers its top tips for a seller responding to legal due diligence enquiries, to make the process as focused, cost-effective and efficient as possible. 

Ashley Madison hack – prepare now for a tidal wave of divorce cases? download subscription

Shoosmiths 24-Aug-2015

Some observers believe the hack will lead to a wave of cheated spouses seeking divorce, but even if these actions do materialise, they may not be successful.

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Litigation Briefings

Why sports stars may leave the Hotel California download subscription

Goodman Derrick 9-Oct-2015

EU probe means sports governing bodies will have to justify their claim that only they provide the real thing. 

Personal injury: choose your dentist with care download subscription

Hudgell Solicitors 9-Oct-2015

£540,000 compensation paid to Hudgell clients in past 12 months for sub-standard dentistry 

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Company Briefings

Parental leave: another shake-up coming download subscription

B P Collins 9-Oct-2015

Grandparents will be allowed to take time off work to look after their grandchildren. 

India's defence procurement rethink download subscription

Khaitan & Co 9-Oct-2015

partnerships with private firms, tax reforms and export incentives in the frame.

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